www.myhomedepotaccount.com Login Guide

Acquaintance with Home Depot Account

Home Depot is a well-known enormous American trade network which initially specializes on selling building materials and instruments for refurbishment. Its headquarters is based in Georgia State. The approximate number of network employees is around 350 thousand.

Registration on the myhomedepotaccount.com

To become a member of the Home Depot online you should firstly register.

Steps of registration for customers:

  1. Visit the official web page - www.myhomedepotaccount.com
  2. Click on ‘My Account’ button
  3. If you are already a service member – press ‘Sign In’ button, in other case – press button ‘Register’
  4. Fill in fields with such information:
    • 4.1. Your actual and working email address
    • 4.2. Individual password for further login
    • 4.3. Your local zip code
    • 4.4. Home Depot phone number is also required
  5. Check the box to make system sure that you are a professional consumer which buys items for his business
  6. Press the ‘Create Account’ button
  7. Now you are registered within the Home Depot system and able to visit your account!

How to choose a suitable credit card on the www.myhomedepotaccount.com?

Via the service credit offers you will be able to perform any Home Depot credit card payment you desire. Now, let’s quickly and easily view all the offers through the table below.

Logo picture
Credit card name
Short description
Consumer Credit Card It is developed to grant you with an opportunity of making your house better via network items which you can find immediately on the www.myhomedepotaccount.com
Project Loan Credit Card This credit card will let customer perform a big amount of big house drafts such as a reconstruction of bathroom and kitchen areas or housetop change.
Commercial Revolving Credit Card The card suggests you a versatility of usage: perform small money paying or pay entirely each month – it’s easy to operate!
Commercial Account Credit Card Through the Commercial Account customers are able to access the Payment on account service which is needed for supply improving money flow.

Home Depot Gift Card – it’s a nice present for your closest people!

On the official website you are able to order a special gift card which may be exploited during the purchases on the website or at any network store suitable for you. On the www.myhomedepotaccount.com customers are able to check their Home Depot gift card balance.

What about the network support?

If something has happened to your order or you simply have some questions to be answered – contact the Home Depot customer service.

You may contact the support via:

  • A Phone call
  • Sending a message on the 38698
  • The Email address

Contacts depend on the offering you operate and a kind of support (in-store or online).